Sakura Days (桜の日々) is a fictional anime TV show made by Hannah-Chan. It has 24 episodes and it's opening is "Clear Sky" by ClariS. The ending is "Ichaicha!" by KYUKYU

Story Edit

Jun Fukuhara has kind of a depressing back story. In high school, a rumor was spread about him, making all his classmates hate him. The only person who didn't hate him was Urara Takano. They became friends, eventually, best friends, eventually, boyfriend and girlfriend. After high school, they both married. Unfortunately, after Urara gave birth to her first child, Sakura, she passed away. Sakura, now at three years old, was raised by Jun himself, now at 24.

Characters Edit

Jun Fukuhara Edit

Jun is a widower who is in charge of raising Sakura. He has a calm, cool, and collected personality, and not very harsh. Rumor says he beat up the most popular girl in school, even though there was no proof. He befriended Urara Takano, and became boyfriend and girlfriend. Sakura reminds him so much of Urara.

Sakura Fukuhara Edit

Sakura is the daughter of Jun who she received most of her traits from. Like Urara, she has an energetic personality. She loves Jun no matter what happens to him.