Oh no! Not every video for this fan-made album is here! Lille paired up with Hannah-Chan to try and find the videos needed in this fan-made album! You can help by searching for the right videos and replacing the pictures with that video!

Lille's Color Crossover - Outstanding Orange and Yellow

Lille's Color Crossover: Outstanding Orange and Yellow is the fourth vocal album of the Lille's Color Crossover series. It contains 8 tracks and each track is sung by each member of the Outstanding Orange and Yellow episode. However, not every character has their own character song, so there are group songs with that character instead.

Track List Edit

Track #



01 Go! PuriPuriPu 1:56
プリパラ ライブムービー 「ぎゃっぷりぷりっぷー」01:57

プリパラ ライブムービー 「ぎゃっぷりぷりっぷー」

02 Only Wonderful 4:12

03. Only Wonderful (オンリーワンダフル!)~-Cure Sunny Character Song-

03 Vanity Colon 3:14
Rainbow Live - OTOHA - 「Vanity♥colon」 full + LYRICS03:15

Rainbow Live - OTOHA - 「Vanity♥colon」 full + LYRICS

04 Orange Rhapsody 3:56


Chu Chu Rainbow 4:30
Aikatsu! 2nd Season Mini Album 1 Track0204:31

Aikatsu! 2nd Season Mini Album 1 Track02

06 There's Delicious Love 3:59
HappinessCharge Precure! Vocal Album 2 Track0304:39

HappinessCharge Precure! Vocal Album 2 Track03

07 Get Ready tonight! 4:06
Fuuto Get Ready Tonight04:07

Fuuto Get Ready Tonight

08 Peaceful Days 3:53
Smile Precure! Vocal Album 2~06 Peaceful Days03:54

Smile Precure! Vocal Album 2~06 Peaceful Days

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