Lille's Color Crossover - Great Green

Lille's Color Crossover: Great Green is the sixth and final vocal album of the Lille's Color Crossover series. It contains 8 tracks and each track is sung by each member of the Rad Red episode. However, not every character has their own character song, so there are group songs with that character instead.

Track List Edit

Track #



01 morning 1:52
プリパラ morning うた ファルル(歌のみ)01:53

プリパラ morning うた ファルル(歌のみ)

02 Blowin' in the Mind 3:15
Rainbow Live - WAKANA - 「Blowin' in the Mind」 full + LYRICS03:16

Rainbow Live - WAKANA - 「Blowin' in the Mind」 full + LYRICS

03 Always with a smile 4:31

05.Always with smile (いつも笑顔で) -Cure March Character song-

04 Ai no Reincarnation 1:49
Ai no REINCARNATION Aijima Cecil01:50

Ai no REINCARNATION Aijima Cecil

05 Magical Time 4:36
Aikatsu Magical Time full eng sub04:37

Aikatsu Magical Time full eng sub

06 1 to 1 Subaru version 1:37
Romanji Sub)01:38

Romanji Sub)

07 Green Note 3:48
Yes! Pretty Cure 5! Vocal Album 1 Track0803:49

Yes! Pretty Cure 5! Vocal Album 1 Track08

08 Re-Quest! 4:57


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