Biography Edit

Name: ?????
Nicknames: Lille, Hannah, Lillethechicken (called by one of her freinds), Big sis (called by one of her freinds),
Birth date: 8th December 1999

Interests she currently has Edit

  • Anime
  • Nintendo
  • ASDFmovie
  • Anything sweet
  • Her online friends
  • Her real life friends
  • Her autism class
  • NHS Human Services
  • Jpop
  • Seiyuus

Interests she used to have, but abandoned Edit

  • Nintendo (From 2012-2014, then returned to loving it)
  • Veggie Tales (Stopped following the fandom in 2012 due to anime obsession)
  • American music
  • Club Penguin (Comes back once in a while for parties)
  • Disney (Still watches some movies, but isn't a huge huge fan anymore)

Stuff she doesn't like Edit

  • Raisins
  • Be Quiet Songs (Shortened to BQS)
  • Inappropriate stuff
  • Violence
  • Bathroom jokes
  • Some Live Action movies
  • Horror movies (She hates being scared while watching movies)
  • Animals (Not interested)

Fun facts about her Edit

  • She is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2014.
  • She makes lots of references in public