Akari Hoshiiro
Akari happy
Akari's portrait in Fire Emblem Fates
Vital statistics
Position Hoshido Noble
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 162cm (5'3")
Weight 53kg (about 117lbs)
Akari Hoshiiro (星色あかり Hoshiiro Akari) is Hannah's Fire Emblem Fates avatar and might as well be considered an original character of hers. She is a sixteen year old girl who, in her heart, is half her age. She is Hannah's main avatar on the Hoshido route.

Appearance Edit

Akari is a average girl with aqua blue hair tied into low pigtails. She says pigtails are the only hairstyle she can think of that matches her personality. She has red eyes and a cheerful smile. She wears a bright white bow. Her bra size is D, and her BWH measurements are 90B-54W-82H.

In the game, she wears the Nohr Princess outfit in her portrait, and a Hoshido noble outfit in game. She wears an Oni Savage mask on her head, as she thinks it looks cute.

In the modern alternate setting, she wears a green T-Shirt with a yellow brim. It reads "I ♡ Suzu Kaze c:" on it. She wears a a pink belt with a blue denim skirt. She wears green socks and basic shoes.

Personality Edit

Akari is a child at heart, as she is an energetic, upbeat, but childish girl, sometimes she acts a bit immature. However, she isn't bothered by this. Whenever she has done something wrong on accident, she tends to bow super quickly, saying "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

She likes partying, to the point where everyone she knows says "it's not a party without Akari!" She has a fear of the Omega Yato and displays a strong dislike towards Rhajat. Akari has a stuffed animal named Kishi that she sleeps with every night, even when Kaze sleeps with her.

Her birthday is August 6th.

Close relationships Edit

Etymology Edit

Hoshiiro (星色) Hoshi (星) means star and mixed with Iro (色) meaning color, Hoshiiro means star-colored. It is commonly miswritten as "Hoshiro" which has a totally different meaning.

Akari (あかり) means light, rays, or brightness.

Trivia Edit

  • Akari got her name from Akari Ōzora from Aikatsu!.
  • Akari is the oldest female Avatar Hannah created, at age sixteen, Hanabi is aged 15, and Momo is aged 13.
  • Akari's name was originally going to be "Honoka", but Hannah felt that Akari fit her more, due to her bright and energetic personality.
  • Akari was a Dancing Queen in the PriPara Producer Power! event on PriPara Wiki.
  • In the modern universe, she is an idol.

Gallery Edit

Akari Hoshiiro Rare Card

Akari Hoshiiro as a Rare Card based on the mobile game "Love Live! School Idol Festival".

Fire Emblem Fates

Akari, along with Aurum, Hanabi, Momo, and Daisuke, celebrating the release of Fire Emblem Fates in North America.

Akari Idol

Line art of Akari as an idol.

Child emblem fates akari kamui and leo by asahigirl-d9n3t01

Akari with Leo as a child.

Akari and Hanabi

Base drawing of Akari and Hanabi.

Mikuru base by thelocked-d851ztd

Base drawing of Akari used for the PriPara Producer Power! event.

Partying Akari

First drawing of Akari.